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Representing the Cleaver-Brooks Packaged Boiler line of products, Servco offers a wide variety of firetube boiler designs. These boiler models are available in both High Pressure and Low Pressure Steam designs as well as Hot Water.  A firetube boiler uses a cylindrical vessel, with the flame in the furnace and the combustion gases inside the tubes.  The furnace and tubes are contained within the vessel, which also houses the water and steam.

Firetube boilers are available in either dryback or wetback design. In the dryback boiler, a large and swingable refractory-lined rear door, integral with the vessel, is used to direct the combustion gases from the furnace to the multiple tube banks. The wetback boiler design has a water-cooled turnaround chamber that is used to direct the flue gases from the furnace to the tube banks. The wetback design requires less refractory maintenance; however, internal pressure vessel maintenance, such as cleaning and tube removal, is more difficult.

What Types Of
Firetube Boilers We Offer

Models and Sizes Available

From 15 to 2,200 horsepower, we can meet your needs. Cleaver-Brooks has several models and designs available to choose from, you can pick from the following to get started:

Efficiency and Design

Optimal operating efficiencies are reached when the boiler, burner, and control scheme are designed and engineered to work as an integrated system, like Cleaver-Brooks Elite firetube line. Cleaver-Brooks has introduced EX Technology in its new firetube boilers, allowing substantial increases in efficiency while reducing boiler footprint.

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4 different types of firetube boilers