Servco can rebuild, replace and restore your damaged or missing refractory.  No matter the make or model of the boiler/burner, Servco’s experts will be able to restore your equipment to like new condition.

Among the types of refractory repair work we offer:

  • Burner Rings
  • Burner throat tiles
  • Furnace tiles
  • Cast refractory
  • Rebuilding of refractored rear doors
  • Repairing and replacement of insulation
  • Industrial Watertube Rebuilds
  • Process ovens
Refractory Repair

Watertube Repair

Brick Wall

Servco has extensive experience in Industrial Watertube boiler refractory rebuilds and repairs.  This complex repair job is performed by our factory trained technicians to the highest of industry standards.


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Ideally, repairs are scheduled in advance during planned shutdowns where time is allotted to perform necessary maintenance and services. However, in the cases where this isn’t a possibility, Servco stands ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our dedicated technicians performed a full boiler retube and a complete rebuild of a refractored rear door over Memorial Day weekend. Production had to be back up and running by Tuesday morning and the boiler would not be made available until late Friday night.

Tell all of the men that were involved in this project thank you very much from me. If every company held the same standards that you folks do, this country would have never gone down hill the way it has. I worked my guts out, just like these guys do, until age slowed me down. I am always impressed to see that there are still some hard working Americans out there. In the future, I will look to Servco for my boiler parts and service. Thanks so much, Reed Bailey

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