Since 1956 we have been providing service to our valued customers throughout Utah, Eastern Idaho and Wyoming. We provide service and maintenance on all brands and types of boilers and we also repair, retrofit, and rebuild boilers as well – whether sent to our central shop in Salt Lake City or on location. Our comprehensive service offerings include the following:

Boiler Retubes | Man Welding
Natural Gas & Oil Refinery Services
Boiler Retubes & Code Repairs
Refractory Repair
Burner Retrofits and Repair
Training Services


While Servco is proud to be the Cleaver Brooks Rep here in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, it does not limit us from working on boilers from all manufacturers. Servco technicians have the skills, training, and certifications needed to work on all boiler makes and models. Not to mention, we also have the best technicians in the industry including master electricians, master plumbers, and ASME code welders and everything in between. Our skill and expertise is unmatched in the region! Feel confident in choosing Servco for your boiler needs.

We believe in exceeding expectations


Your boiler is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your entire operation. When your boiler is not running right, your entire facility is affected. Your production, comfort heat, sterilization, and process depend on a boiler running well.

Boiler Service

Preventative Maintenance is an essential part of operating all boiler equipment.  By performing standard inspections and maintenance you will receive many benefits, which include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling priority for all additional service calls
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Prolonged Boiler life
  • Less on-site maintenance and supervision
  • Less downtime resulting in increased productivity
  • Resolving small issues before they escalate to emergency repairs

Contact Servco today for an estimate on a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreement for your boiler room equipment. With a PM Agreement, you are guaranteed priority scheduling and a 10% discount on all parts orders. Talk to an Account Manager today and move to the front of the line!


As the regions only authorized Cleaver-Brooks Boiler representative, we take pride in the fact that our 14 factory trained technicians are able to offer unequaled service.  We are the only local company that can help you see your project through from inception to completion.

In 2012 Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah upgraded their boiler room in an effort to increase efficiency and decrease emissions.  Servco provided all of the boiler room equipment and worked very closely with local contractors during the startup process to ensure seamless incorporation of the plant into the facilities operations.

The new boiler plant was featured in a news article by Fox 13 to discuss their efforts to increase efficiency. The Provo Daily Herald also wrote about Utah Valley Regional in a newspaper publication.